06209/2 KADEN, Legwarmers, 80 cm

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Merino wool full length legwarmers.

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Merino wool full length legwarmers. Elasticated edges keep these legwarmers above or below the ankle. Additional elastane reinforcement on the top. Soft and comfortable.

Length: 80 cm
Material: 50% merino wool, 50% acryl.

  High-technology production processing
  makes the ready garment soft and not itchy.
  Color stays bright after dozens of washing cycles.
  The yarn complies the German,
  Italian and European Laws regarding
  the prohibition of the use of toxic substances.
  Super comfort is achieved by purl-knitting
  technique that allows the garment to follow
  body curvature perfectly.
  ECO. The yarn is made by a sustainable factory,
  which uses innovative dyeing on cones that can
  achieve 50 % of water saving compared to
  conventional dyeing. Also the large part of the
  energy supplied by the photovoltaic system installed
  on the roof of the plant.

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