Grishko Ambassador

1. To become NGgeneration participant, follow @nggeneration on Instagram, make sure to be active and creative in social media during the year, tag @nggeneration, @grishkoworld, or @nikolayworld if you live in the USA. Every Fall we have an open worldwide contest to choose ambassadors for the next year. Apply during NGgeneration Search following announce rules and instructions and possibly you'll become a lucky NG star.

2. Grishko Influencer - follow the news from your favorite off-line dance shop and apply to become an Influencer when Grishko Influencer search is open. Show your interest to your local shop.

3. Brand ambassadors of the highest level are chosen by the brand individually, all candidates are approved by Mr. Grishko personally. If you are loyal to Grishko brand, active in social media and in your professional dancing life, you are an opinion leader or a successful/prospective international dancer, we will consider you as a candidate.

Send us your details and we will add you to our mailing list to get news and announcements of any search or campaigns: