Our advantages

Best prices

We guaranty that you will benefit from buying from us because we offer you quality authentic products at reasonable prices with the worldwide shipping!

Please let us know if you find any better deal at any other online store.

Full assortment of Grishko goods in any sizes and colors

We are the official online distributor of the Grishko and can provide you with the full assortment of Grishko products in various colours and sizes.

Custom orders

We can offer you custom made order (pointes, slippers with modifications, stage costumes and shoes). Pointe shoes are available with Tropicana glue, especially for the customers from countries with hot and humid climate.

Worldwide shipping

Considering the fact that many dancers live in remote places and do not have access to the good dancewear stores that could satisfy their needs, we are among a fewest who offer delivery to any place in the world that has a post office.

Product exchange guaranteed

If the product does not satisfy the customer, based on reasonable grounds, we are ready to exchange it for free.