Grishko unitards are simply irreplaceable thing for the dancers! They perfectly fit the body and allow a freedom of movements. It is very important for the perfect dance elements and for the further professional development of a dancer.

Grishko unitards can be also used for warming-up. Warming-up in such garments provides the blood inflow to the muscles that reduces the risk of injuries, including tensions, and prevent convulsion. Unitard should be tight-fitted, but not so tight to make injures, therefore you should choose the right size. We recommend you to use Grishko warm-ups together to achieve the better result.

Properly chosen Grishko unitard provides maximum comfort on dance floor and helps to cope with even long and hard rehearsals.

Grishko produces unitards with exacting dancer’s preferences. High-quality fabrics absorb moisture , they are breathable and very durable even after many washing cycles.

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