Ballet Shoe - Slippers

Browse our best selled stocked soft ballet shoes for women, men or kids. Hight quality hand made ballet slippers tested by the professionals, also available for the beginners.
We made soft ballet shoes in these materials: canvas, leather, satin, stretch canvas. We have on stock light pink, white and black ballet slippers.
All dancers know that ballet slippers are the most comfortable shoes for a long rehearsal in the studio. Grishko ballet slippers fit perfectly and can be used on any type of dance floor. They are made of breathable durable materials : natural leather, canvas or satin.

Grishko offers variety of models, so you will find the most suitable type for yourself.

Difference between styles are in the construction: the height and shape of a vamp, side height, the seams and the sole. Models 1 and 3 have high sides, Models 4,5, and 6 low sides. Models 7,8 and 9 come with inserts of stretchy mesh fabric to provide good ventilation. An elastic drawstring and pre-sewn elastics ensure perfect fit. You can also choose the sole type: split or full.

If you're a vegan or vegetarian you will enjoy Grishko ballet shoes with an cruelty-free sole.

Due to the rise of vegetarianism, our technologists made a special cellulose sole. It has a perfect quality and the same look as the leather sole (ask the manager if the model is available in that option).

When you try on Grishko soft shoes, you will understand why they are chosen by thousands of dancers around the world. These ballet shoes will help you to find your muse and conquer the heart of the audience!

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